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This book is dedicated to everyone in God’s ministry who has had to struggle to build their ministry. It is hoped that you will be able to relate to many of the situations that Jamon has encountered in his ministry and to keep on going with your ministry as God directs you. Jamon was called into God’s ministry in 1972.
Over the years Jamon’s life has been an on going struggle to just survive much less to also build a ministry that would reach around the world .God had told Jamon that he would have “hardships and tragedies” in his life but Jamon did not expect them to last for over twenty-five years. His work now educates students throughout the world, inspires people to keep on going when all appears lost and to build a relationship with God and His son Jesus.

A Prophets Life

Men like to say much and write much to impress other men.

A prophet says little and writes little because he isn’t trying to impress anyone but only trying to do the work God has given him.

No one really understands a prophet because of the work he does, even other prophets. God has given each one different work to do and neither knows the others work. If everyone knew what a prophet has to go through to become a prophet then no one would want to be a prophet.

Many people think prophets are crazy until they give someone words of wisdom that changes their life then they thank God for the prophet.

A prophets life is not an easy life and the pay is low but the worlds pay is not what a prophet is working to receive. His pay is being stored in heaven and he will receive it when he gets there.

A prophet does not choose his life, it is laid out by God and the prophet does not know where it leads until he gets there.

A prophets life does not look like much until his prophesies come true then his life is focused on by the whole world.

There is not a retirement plan for a prophet because God may have one more thing to say through him before he takes him home.

A prophet looks like he is not doing anything at all until God speaks through him then he moves the world.

A prophet can never retire because the only retirement plan God has for him is an eternal life in heaven.

A prophets life is bitter sweet, bitter from the rejections he receives from people but sweet from the knowledge that he has God’s ear and blessings.

A prophets job is to make the work he is doing look like no work at all and to enjoy doing it.

When a prophet speaks it is usually short and to the point because God does not like to waste words.

The difference in a prophet and someone else is that the prophet knows who the master of his life is, most other people think that they are.

A prophets life gets easier everyday because he is getting closer to heaven and to Gods power everyday.

A prophets life is a lot harder than he ever lets known because he knows that God does not permit a whiner to do his work.

A prophet does not need a wife but he usually takes one just to keep him out of trouble.

God chooses prophets they do not choose themselves or if they do choose themselves then God will let them fall on their face in failure.

God does not select many people to be His prophets. If He did then they would be prideful that God had chosen them too.

A prophets heart can never be won by another because he has already given it to God.

A prophet has few friends because who wants to be the friend of a prophet if he is wrong and makes a fool of himself.

A prophets life is not easy that’s why no one ever volunteers to be a prophet.

A prophet does not look at money the way other people do. He just sees it as a provision of God to get him from one place to the next in his life.

To most people a prophet is the scourge of the earth but he is the apple of God’s eye.

Almost everyone hates God’s prophets until their prophecies come true then they beg the prophet to have God to save them.

A prophets heart is often filled with scares from disappointments and unanswered prayers however God continues to renew his spirit to keep him strong yet humble.

There is not a school for prophets therefore people do not think they known much however a prophet has the mind of God available to him therefore they know everything.

A prophet only dies once and that is when he dies to his self and his dreams and gives his life to God to do whatever He wants to do with it.

Food does not matter much to a prophet because he would rather feast on the words and the work that God has given him.

A prophet would rather hear anything than the words “your fired” from God.

A prophets only real fear is that he will miss something that God has for him to do.

A prophets family never understands him because they live in this world and a prophet lives with one foot in this world and one foot in heaven.

You never see a prophet cry because his tears fall from his heart.

A prophets name is not important to him. It is only important for him to know that it is written in Gods book of eternal life.

A prophets joy comes from God and the blessings He gives him not from the worldly things that bring most people joy.

If a prophet had to carry all of his own problems he would have to have arms a mile long however he lets the Lord carry most of them so that his share is small.

Don’t ever hold a prophet’s hand because you may not be able to handle the power from God that flows through it.

The only reason a prophet likes to see the dark is so that he may get some rest from the days work and be ready for the day ahead.

A prophet may not always get a full nights sleep because his spirit is still busy doing Gods work.

A prophet cries everyday on the inside for those who will not accept the message he brings about God’s love for them.

A prophet must love others even when he really does not want to.

A prophets is often made fun of or ridiculed until God speaks through him and tells the people of the world the retribution that they must pay for their sin.

God keeps his prophets humble so that they can not take pride in having God use them as his voice.

A prophet appears to be lazy to someone who may be observing him until he speaks Gods words then he becomes the hardest worker in the world because his words move so many people into action.

A prophet never really rest because he is constantly on the alert for Gods voice and what God wants him to do.

A prophets heart is always broken because he not only sees the sorrow around him but can also see the sorrow to come to the world.